Cheap Nutritional Supplements

Looking for cheap nutritional supplements in Columbus Ohio? I would invite you to check out our selection of inexpensive products that are actually extremely high quality! You see, Standard Process products are made from organic whole food so they are actually used by the body and contain no synthetic fillers or chemicals like the major brands such as Centrum, Theragram, or One A Day. These products actually contain poisonous ingredients such as artificial colors, tar and even anti freeze! 

But you will hear people say, “the FDA says they are OK!” Well the FDA said that DDT was safe, that cigarettes were safe, and that every single drug that has ever been recalled was safe at one time. To trust the FDA is a BIG MISTAKE in my opinion. 

In my opinion these products should not even be allowed in the marketplace. But they are produced by very large chemical companies with strong financial ties to the FDA, so they “somehow” get approved.

The rule I tell my patients is that you should NEVER buy a nutritional supplement from a place where you can buy medications. You will never find a decent product in a grocery store that sells non-organic food either. I like to look at the labels of any supplement my patients are taking to determine if it has synthetic ingredients. 

Somebody Should Do Something!

Check out these products below that are sold to millions of people every day who think they are doing something good for their health. They contain artificial food coloring, anti-freeze, artificial stabilizers and are derived from corn syrup, formaldehyde, acid and tar. This should be against the law!

Cheap Nutritional Supplements Can Be Healthy!

I choose to have my patients take organic whole food supplements that I can trust and are priced extremely well. Standard Process began making supplements form organic whole food concentrates in 1929, and they have one of the largest organic farms in the world to grow the foods that they use.

Price wise people are very happy when they compare these products to the synthetic chemicals other companies sell. The main multi-vitamin we offer is called Catalyn. This product contains vitamins and minerals as they are occur in nature. It has been on the market since 1929 and is priced at only 11 dollars per month! Why is it so inexpensive? Because they don’t spend millions of dollars per year on marketing! 

That is why these high quality products can be honestly presented as cheap nutritional supplements. 


The high quality and inexpensive supplements I use in my office are only sold through health care providers. They are designed to be effective at helping health care providers to build health in their patients. I am happy to offer them to my patients here in Columbus Ohio and clients that I work with on the internet. 

To learn more about Standard Process or to purchase products please call our office at 614-436-3870. We will be glad to help you on the way to improving your health.

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