Chiropractor History

When you think of chiropractors and what they do, you probably think of a guy that looks like this this fellow in the picture below. Back pain has been a staple of the profession for a long time. But what if I told you that the first patient was not treated for back pain? The fact is,… Read more »

Giving Back

Fort Peck Native American Reservation The Fort Peck Native American Reservation in Montana is the focus of our Giving Back Program at Capital City Chiropractic in Columbus Ohio.  Why reach out such a long way from home? The people who live in this place endure the worst conditions in our country.  We feel it is… Read more »

Chiropractic and the Flu

By now, you’re probably worried, even scared, of catching the Flu. How can you not.  Every day you are bombarded with messages about getting the flu shot. The advertisements for flu shot clinics, every news program headline tells you to get the shot, your medical doctor, your mother, cousins, friends, co-workers, and on and on…. Read more »

Natural Supplements

We offer the best in Natural Supplements Columbus Ohio! Our products represent the leading companies in whole food organic nutritional supplements. Since 1980 we have been providing the best for our patients and customers. We work with Standard Process and Douglas Laboratories primarily and these companies have been in the health care business for 50… Read more »

Weight Loss Detox

The best detox for weight loss is one that is made of whole organic food. Not some quirky chemical concoction that makes you see green and pee blue. Science has proven that the most potent healing substances nature provides is whole food organic nutritional supplements. Standard Process has been using organic whole food concentrates to create powerful… Read more »

Cheap Nutritional Supplements

Looking for cheap nutritional supplements in Columbus Ohio? I would invite you to check out our selection of inexpensive products that are actually extremely high quality! You see, Standard Process products are made from organic whole food so they are actually used by the body and contain no synthetic fillers or chemicals like the major… Read more »

How Often Should I Have My Spine Checked?

This is a very frequent question I receive as you can imagine. So how often should you have your spine checked? Well, it depends; the spine is part of the most complicated, fragile, and amazing systems of the human body, the nervous system.  The nervous system is responsible for the function of every organ and… Read more »