Chiropractic and the Flu

By now, you’re probably worried, even scared, of catching the Flu. How can you not.  Every day you are bombarded with messages about getting the flu shot. The advertisements for flu shot clinics, every news program headline tells you to get the shot, your medical doctor, your mother, cousins, friends, co-workers, and on and on. Fear has been programed into you. My goodness, you could get real sick and even die from it. I totally get it. I could tell you about all the dangerous poisonous substances, and even some that are known to cause cancer in animals, that are in the flu shot. But I’d rather tell you about one of the most powerful and natural things you can do to help your body fight it, if you get it, and prevent if you haven’t gotten it yet. In two words its Chiropractic Care.


Here is some history that I bet you didn’t know; in 1918 we had the most severe flu pandemic that has ever been recorded. Over 100 million people died from the flu. That’s way more than all of the wars ever recorded in history. It happened within only six months. This is documented in a book simply called Flu by Gina Kolanta, a writer for the New York Times in 1999. She also documented something that I guarantee you’ve never heard before. Those who chose regular Chiropractic care to remove nerve interference in the spine (subluxations) experienced only 1/40th the death rate, compared to those who chose medical management. These amazing results were due to the body’s natural ability to fight disease being more efficient by eliminating spinal nerve interference via the Chiropractic adjustment.

You should understand that Chiropractors weren’t treating the flu, they were doing what we do, adjusting the spine to remove nerve interference. In fact for the first half century of Chiropractic people went to Chiropractors for organ diseases and infectious diseases, not bad backs and aches and pains, and these amazing health changes are what led to Chiropractors being licensed. This also led to the medical profession trying to fight our advancement.  They were found guilty in 1987 of this crime and fined 30 million dollars by the Supreme Court. For more on this check out the 2013 movie Doctored.

By the 1950’s Chiropractors also had miraculous results with Polio, actually getting people out of iron lung machines, (again we were not treating Polio, but eliminating nerve interference allowing the body to do what it should… heal).


In 1986 research done by Dr. Joseph Flesia, and a genetic toxicologist, Dr. Ronald Pero, Chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventative Medicine, revealed that regular Chiropractic care raised the body’s immune factor by up to 200% over non Chiropractic patients. Nothing else has shown to raise our immunity that much. Then in January of 1997 research, reported in the best spine journal at that time, called Spine, proved absolutely that spinal adjustments had a positive effect on the sympathetic nerve system resulting in a more efficient immune system function. This explained the findings of Dr. Pero.

You’re immune system is what fights disease in your body, whether it’s the common cold, the flu, or cancer. So instead of living your life in fear of the flu and other diseases, be proactive and do things that promote good health. Eat right, exercise, take organic vitamins, and make sure, above all, that your under regular Chiropractic care for yourself, your children and anyone you care about. I hope that you understand a little more about both chiropractic and the flu. Thank you.

Chiropractic is for the expression of true health, not just your back.

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