Pain In The Back Of Neck

That pain in the back of your neck could be trying to tell you something! Pain is a definitive warning signal that something is wrong. Pain is never normal, but the possible causes of neck pain could be small to severe. Sometimes a small amount of pain in the back of neck could have a large underlying problem that needs to be addressed. as well as some problems that produce a large amount of pain can be solved easily.

To determine what is happening with your pain, the best course of action is to see a chiropractor. Here at Capital City Chiropractic in Columbus Ohio we deal with these types of problem every day and will provide the least amount of risk when compared to medical treatments of choice such as drugs or surgery. Of course, your chiropractor will make the appropriate referral to a medical specialist should your problem warrant one.

We also recommend that if your pain in the back of neck is the result of a severe trauma and it is recommended by EMS for you to go to the hospital, go and call us after you get home. It is also a good idea to have a supportive neck pain pillow to help with the pain by keeping your neck in a good position while you sleep.

These are some of the questions you chiropractor will want to discuss with you to help them determine the cause of the pain in the back of your neck.

How did this pain in the back of your neck occur?

Was it a gradual onset or did it happen suddenly such as in the case of an auto accident or fall?

What have you done at home to try and alleviate the pain?

Did you take some type of pain reliever or use ice or heat? Does rest help?

What makes the problem worse?

Is there some sort of position or movement that aggravates the pain?

What about the timing of the pain?

Is there a time of day that is worse? Possibly when you wake up or just before bed?

What is the quality of the pain in the back of your neck?

Does it radiate to your extremities? Is it severe? Can you rate it on a scale of 1-10?

Your chiropractor may also use diagnostic testing such as X-rays, MRI, or CT scans to determine the extent of your problem.

Your treatment for the pain in the back of your neck will be determined after all of this information is processed and analyzed by your chiropractor. Here at Capital City Chiropractic in Columbus Ohio we develop custom treatment plans for each individual and strive to treat each patient in the most effective and timely manner as possible. Here are some neck pain exercises That may be of help. Using Ice and Heat is another good way to help with pain in the back of neck.

I like to ice with most patients for 20 minutes at a time and not directly on the skin but using a towel between the skin and the ice source.