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We offer the best in Natural Supplements Columbus Ohio! Our products represent the leading companies in whole food organic nutritional supplements. Since 1980 we have been providing the best for our patients and customers. We work with Standard Process and Douglas Laboratories primarily and these companies have been in the health care business for 50 years or more. They also only sell their products through licensed health care professionals to make sure the patients they serve get the proper support while taking their products.

About Standard Process

The passion Standard Process has for nutrition began with our founder, Dr. Royal Lee, in 1929. Since the development of our first multivitamin, Catalyn®, our goal has been to provide nutrients for the body as they are found in nature – in a whole food state where their natural potency and efficacy can be realized. We remain committed to providing the safest, highest quality dietary supplements through health care professionals to help improve and optimize health and wellness. 

Why Natural Supplements Columbus Ohio?

The research has demonstrated that artificial supplements do nothing more for the body but create expensive urine. In fact, many studies as of late prove that these chemicals may even be detrimental to your health! Here is an example, ascorbic acid is a synthetic form of Vitamin C that is produced with corn syrup and sulfuric acid! Why would you want to put that in your body?

When you put these chemicals in your body there is no chance for it to have a positive impact as the body does not recognize it as food and will simply do its best to get rid of it; often depleting the body of stored vitamins and minerals to complete this task. This is the big lie of synthetic supplements. Just ask yourself, “does man know better how to nourish the body than nature?” 

Whole food supplements are produced with just that…whole food. When you read a label of a standard process supplement you can recognize each and every ingredient because it reads like a recipe. Carrots, kale, broccoli, and so forth. 

Whole food natural supplements are absorbed readily into the body and used to create new tissue and heal the body. Science has proven that there are many substances in food that are not in artificial supplements. Let us look at carrots for example. There are over 200 different nutrients in a carrot! so you can see that man cannot hope to create an artificial supplement equal to the power of what nature provides.

It is also important that the food used to create a whole food natural supplement is organically grown and minimally processed to be sure that food used to create it is at the highest potency. Standard process has been growing the food that it uses in its supplements on an organic farm since 1929 so they are the experts.

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How Can I Get Started?


I personally recommend that most people begin with a 21 Day Detox Program.  This program includes a consultation with Dr. Bryan either over the phone or in person. After that time you may be advised to complete certain questionnaires or lab work if you have severe health challenges. If not, then you will be advised on maintaining your results by eating a healthy diet for you and how to use any specific supplements to support your health as needed. 

I have used Standard Process natural supplements for many years and I am confident that they are the best for me, my family, and my patients. If you would like to find out how they can benefit you please call our office at 614-436-3870.

-Dr. Bryan Schuetz, Capital City Chiropractic.
Serving Worthington and Columbus Ohio

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