Capital City Chiropractic has been serving the Columbus and Worthington Ohio Area since 1980.  We specialize in fast and effective treatment for all types of body aches and pains.  From Foot pain to fibromyalgia, headaches to sciatica, our chiropractors have natural solutions for you!

On your first visit to our office in Worthington Ohio, just north of Columbus, you can expect to be greeted warmly by our staff. 

You will then have a seat to tell us a little about yourself and your health concerns by filling out our paperwork while enjoying some water or tea. You might even see some of your friends while you are here.

You will then have a consultation with your doctor who will determine possible causes of your pain or health concern.

Your examination will then determine the cause of your problem and give us the information we need to determine if we can help you or if you need a referral to different specialist.

If your case is one that we can accept, your doctor will go over a specific treatment plan for the most effective and quickest results. This is always our goal.