Low Back Pain When Standing

From Dr. Bryan Schuetz, The Columbus Chiropractors, Columbus Ohio.

Do you have low back pain when standing?

There are a few reasons that low back pain can be aggravated when standing, but the most common reason is because the extra weight applied to the spine when standing will tend to aggravate an underlying spinal condition such as a

Disc Bulge, pinched nerve, or scoliosis.
So when you are overweight it will cause an even greater increase in pressure to the spine.

Even though weight loss is very important when you have low back pain when standing, it can be very challenging for patients because it takes commitment to achieve long term success and being in pain means it is hard to do any exercise. Sure, we can lose weight with the Adkins Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the South Beach Diet, through Weight Watchers and a host of other approaches. But, why do we seem to gain it right back once we discontinue the diet plan? There must be a way to take the weight off and then keep it off.

We have a very similar genetic makeup to our Paleolithic (cave man era) ancestors. Since this is a fact, we can look at the type of food that the cave man consumed and logically draw the conclusion that the “Paleodiet” or “caveman diet” would be a great alternative to our current diet. Thankfully, this does not mean that we change our wardrobe and lifestyle to the point that we go back and live in caves and throw spears to hunt and gather! That might be a whole other cause for low back pain when standing!

What it does mean, however, is we consume similar foods: grass fed animal meat (the more lean the better) and food that grows off the land – that is, fruits and vegetables. These foods are easily broken down and assimilated without alerting our body’s defense system (the autoimmune system) that some foreign particle is inside of us resulting in an army of antibodies showing up to ward off these enemy particles. By avoiding this autoimmune response, at the same time, we are reducing or avoiding all together the inflammatory process, which is a common denominator to all illnesses including musculoskeletal conditions.

So, what do we eat too much of now that the cave man didn’t eat? The answer is gluten! Most flour based products (bread, pasta, cookies, cake, and many more) contain gluten and are “pro-inflammatory” or, cause systemic inflammation. Over time, this can lead to weight gain, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, stroke, as well as a host of many other conditions. The reason glutens are bad is that our bodies are not genetically able to handle the breakdown of these large “macromolecules.” When glutens are detected, we produce antibodies to attack these particles that are resting on the intestinal wall, which, in turn, is damaged in the process, resulting in a “leaky gut” allowing absorption of the large particles. This in turn, results in yet further autoimmune responses as these large (normally not absorbed) macromolecules are detected in our blood stream furthering the inflammatory process. This damage leads to further malabsorption syndromes (“leaky gut”) and a vicious cycle is created. So, what can we do to prevent this from happening and, how can we reduce the inflammation through our diet?

Easy! Just stop eating glutens! Go to the grocery store’s “gluten-free section” and buy products that are gluten-free. Over time, your weight will drop, your energy levels will increase, and the mental fog lifts – you’ll feel 10 years younger and, you’ll be able to enjoy life more completely. Sound too good to be true? Try it – prove me wrong – I dare you!

Here at our clinic in Columbus Ohio, we have a comprehensive weight loss program that is guaranteed to get results. We can guarantee it because we know it works. We actually treat weight loss patients as you would treat any other addiction, and make changes for life. When you lose lose the extra weight you will take pressure off the spine and help relieve your low back pain when standing.

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